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Offered is a collection of Metal Belt Buckles

Tattoo Art

These are commonly referred to as "Tattoo Buckles"
(although in all fairness, tattoo inspired would be more appropriate.)

Each buckle is a full color highly stylized design set slightly below the outer raised rim.
That provides protection against scratching the design in case you rub up against something.
The design is further protected by a high gloss top coat.

Each of these buckles is truly a Work of Art.

Clicking on each individual picture will open a detail page with more information on that item.
If you like what you see, under the description will be a Buy Me link.
Each page contains a "Return" link to this page.

All of our belt buckles include
Free Domestic Shipping by U S Post Office First Class Mail

All of the buckles are designed for a standard leather belt up to 1 1/2" wide.

Featuring the watercolor and ink designs of assorted freelance artists.

Genjutsu Eye

High Voltage Skull

Flower Girl

Statue of Liberty


Trippy Skull

Alien Beetle

Alien Swimmer

Flaming Eagle


Peace and Stars

Underwater Eyes

Grateful Dead

Greatful Dead

Grateful Dead

Featuring the watercolor and ink designs of artist Tattoo Johnny.

Andrea Red Fairy

Bird and Rose

Bird Kiss

Blonde and Roses

Blue and Red Fairies

Blue Hair Girl

Bone Man

Brutal Blue

Brutual Sepia

Butterfly Girl

Candles and Skulls


Dagger and Skull

Fairy Blue Hair

Fairy Gothic

Fairy Nail Biter

Fairy Pink Swirl

Flower Fairies

Hearts and Roses

Marine Corps Bulldog

Ornament Skull

Panther and Snake

Sepia Fairy

Star Machine

Twisted Fairies

Two Fairies

Skull Bones

Sexy Ink Girls Series

Featuring the watercolor and ink designs of Los Angeles based artist Alayna Magnan.

Anatomical Jewel

Bond Girls

Drinkin' and Drivin'

Hell's Angel

Le Fleur


No Glove No Love

Rock and Roll

Sweet Lovely Death




Earth, Wind, Flower and Water

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