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Chess Sets

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Offered is a collection of Chess Sets in a wide variety of themes
for the discriminating Noble
such as yourself.

To make your search easier we have grouped our chess sets into various themed pages.
Clicking on each individual link will open a new page with all of the chess sets in that theme.

All of our chess sets are a complete 32 piece set.
Some sets are sold as "Pieces Only" for those who already have a board.
Some sets are sold as "Pieces with Board" for those who want a completely co-ordinated set.
Each set is clearly marked as to which it is.

Each page contains a "Return" link to this page.
Chess Boards

Wood, Metal and Glass Traditional Sets
some with matching Storage Box Boards

Themed Pages:
(You may notice that a few sets are in more than one category)

American History
From the founding of our nation and on to Modern Times

European History
From the ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations,
through the Medieval era and the Crusades and on to Modern Times

Animals, Bugs and Insects
Dragons, Fairies, Fantasy and Mythology
Gnomes, Orcs and Trolls by Paolo Chiari
The Eastern Hemisphere
Sports and Entertainment
Things that go Bump in the Night

A brief word about shipping costs.

Most of our "Pieces Only" polyresin chess sets have a shipping weight of about 3 to 4 pounds
with a shipping cost around $10.00 within the U.S. and about $30.00 internationally.
But we must caution you that some of our larger sets,
and especially the Pewter sets and the ones with a matching board,
are progressively heavier and can have a shipping weight of anywhere from 8 to 30 pounds
with a shipping cost from about $12.00 to $25.00 within the U.S.
and from about $45.00 to $95.00 internationally.

We mention this so you do not have "Sticker Shock"
over the shipping costs of the larger and heavier sets.
In all cases, a shipping cost is stated BEFORE you have to click the "Buy Me" link.

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Combining orders greatly reduces shipping costs per item


If you have any questions about our offerings, or you wish to get a quote on shipping,
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