Sir Richard's
Hat and Lapel Pins

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Offered is a collection of all metal Pins in a wide variety of themes
for the discriminating Noble
such as yourself.

To make your search easier we have grouped our pins into various themed pages.
Clicking on each individual link will open a new page with all of the pins in that theme.

Although typically referred to as a Hat Pin
these are also ideal as a Lapel Pin, Scarf Clasp, Tie Tac, or a Bulletin Board Push Pin.
Get a pair for the Epaulets or collar tabs of a military style shirt or jacket, or a traditional Trench Coat..

You can also use them as a decorative accent for your
purse, back pack, tote bag, picture frame, jewelry box -----
Well, the list just goes on and on and is limited only be your imagination.

Each page contains a "Return" link to this page.


Confederate States of America

Fire, Police and Rescue Insignias
Also includes Fire Trucks, Ambulances and Police Cars

International Places and Themes

Military and Patriotic
Unit Insignias, Theaters of Operation, POW MIA and Military Aircraft

Motorcycles, Trucks, Trains and other vehicles
Ambulances, Fire Trucks and Police Cars will be found in "Fire, Police and Rescue" above

U. S. Cities and States

No - not actual weapons - these are hat pins depicting military and civilian weapons

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