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Offered is a collection of Multipack Jigsaw Puzzles in assorted themes

For those who REALLY like puzzling.
Ideal for a Family or Group Project Night.

Included in each box are 4 to 12 different, individually bagged puzzles.
Included is a foldout poster with pictures of each puzzle as a guide.

By offering a multipack, the per puzzle price is $4.99 which is
significantly less expensive than others are charging for the individual puzzles
which they are selling by the bag as "boxless" puzzles.

And since these all come in one box you get all of the puzzles for a shipping charge
that is just about equal to what the shipping would be for a single puzzle.
In other words, you just skipped a bunch of shipping charges.

Clicking on each individual picture will open a detail page with more information on that Multipack.
If you like what you see, under the description will be a Buy Me link.
Each page contains a "Return" link to this page.

All of our puzzles are Brand New, have never been used
and are still in the original factory sealed package.

Terry Redlin

10 puzzles

Christian Riese Lassen

12 puzzles

Kim Norlien

12 puzzles

Masters of Photography

12 puzzles

Farmall Tractors

4 puzzles

John Deere Tractors

4 puzzles

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