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Offered is a collection of Embroidered Key Rings featuring the

United States Military

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All of the key rings on this page are embroidered cloth and include
Free Domesric Shipping by U S Post Office First Class Mail

World War II era Army Air Force

Air Force logo

1rst Air Force

2nd Air Force

3rd Air Force

4th Air Force

6th Air Force

7th Air Force

8th Air Force

9th Air Force

10th Air Force

11th Air Force

12th Air Force

15th Air Force

20th Air Force


1rst Infantry Division

2nd Infantry Division

3rd Infantry Division

4th Infantry Division

23rd Americal Division

25th Infantry Division

1rst Cavalry Division

11th Armored Cavalary

1rst Armored Division

2nd Armored Division

3rd Armored Division

11th Airborne Division

82nd Airborne Division

173rd Airborne Brigade

Airborne Special Forces

Airborne Special Forces

Vietnam Veteran

Marine Corps

1rst Marines Vietnam

2nd Battalion
5th Marine Regiment

2nd Battalion
9th Marine Regiment

4th Marine Division


Seal Team 1

Seal Team 2

Seal Team 3

Seal Team 4

Seal Team 5

Seal Team 6

Seal Team 7

Seal Team 8

Seal Team 10

Above and Beyond

For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

Bronze Star Medal

Silver Star Medal


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