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Offered is a collection of nostalgic

Lithographed Sheet Metal Signs

These are brand new reproductions of classic advertising signs.
Each sign is predrilled with a small hole in each corner to make it easy to mount to the wall.
For safety's sake, all of the edges are rolled over.
Some of the signs are created with a simulated "weathered" look around the edges
to give it a true Antique appearance.

Perfect for decorating a game room, office, garage, dorm, restaurant, business, or ....
well the list just goes on and on.

Clicking on each individual picture will open a detail page with more information on that item.
If you like what you see, under the description will be a Buy Me link.
Each page contains a "Return" link to this page.

53 Indian Roadmaster

Midnight Auto Parts

Route 66

Texaco Hat Full of Pups

Life Needs no Red Lights

Old Indians Never Die

Ride Free

Texaco Dalmatians

MoPar 1937

Rollin' Thru

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